If the PC is the bicycle for our minds, then ASW Maximus is like a Tesla car

If the PC is the bicycle for our minds, then ASW Maximus is like a Tesla car

30 years ago, Steve Jobs predicted that personal computers will become the bicycles of our minds, now imagine your life, if you invested in PCs back then. We are now at the brink of a new digital revolution – the revolution of Artificial Intelligence. So, will you invest in AI? - Or will you wait for others to take the lead?

ASW Maximus, an Artificial Intelligence software is the investment for the future of your company. It helps you control the key element of your company’s survival and success – the finances. Here are the basic financial indicators that all managers need to understand and interpret to manage their businesses successfully: the balance sheet, the profit and loss (P&L) statement, and the cash flow statement, business analysis and controlling. These financial indicators are often referred to collectively as “the financials.” Based on the financials, you can create a plan for expenses and revenues, which is generally referred to as “budgeting”. These plans and predictions depend on years of experience and thorough financial knowledge. And even then, the predictions might not be correct and companies face risk of cisis. Studies have shown that approximately 40 percent of companies that face a major crisis, will not survive. The issue at the core is the lack of proactive management that understands the importance of modern technology and software.

ASW Maximus, a is software that helps you become proactive and prevents your company from ever reaching the crisis point. This software is based on Artificial Intelligence, a machine learning algorithm that resembles a neural network and does all the predictive calculations for you. It automatically gives you a head start in the business race! And if Steve Jobs said that the “personal computer is the bicycle for our minds”, then ASW Maximus is like a self-driving Tesla car.

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