Maximus is continuously monitoring business processes of clients.

About Maximus

The system analyses the historical data on the entire business operations of the company, numerical as well as semi-structured and unstructured. During the analysis maximus observes data with a high level of accuracy, in real time, and detects in these data patterns, associations, regularities and trends. Maximus is based on the state-of-the-art technologies in machine learning and neural networks

How Does
the System Work?

Maximus is a system which learns from data and helps with creation of business strategies and decision making. Its main functions are the detection of alarms and anomalies, predictions, simulations and automation.

A foundation for results of this system is a large amount of prepared data about companies and business transactions of our clients, stored in the data warehouses which are being filled with new data on a day-to-day basis.


Detection of anomalies

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Churn detection and prevention

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Clustering and segmentation

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Neural networks

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Pattern recognition

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Fraud detection

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Revenue, Turnover, Supply & Demand Forecasting

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Natural language processing

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Route optimisation for logistics

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Sales Campaign Creation & Management

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How can this help me?

Improved decision-making owing to proposals, simulations and predictions

Upgrade your business decisions

Higher efficiency response to unexpected situations and problems

Improve your efficiency

Downsizing required staff through process automation

Optimize your processes

Profit increase with the same workload

Increase your productivity
Case Study

Autopilot for Retail

This product can completely control all aspects of a retail company and suggest the best business decisions...

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Case Study

Help Helpdesk

Maximus can understand the core of the problem of given task and return the best solution for them. When the system is more than 95% sure of what the client’s problem is – Maximus automatically provides possible solution to the client, without any human help.

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Case Study

Transport management system optimization

Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a challenging task in the areas of optimization and artificial intelligence. Maximus can find optimal routes for the vehicles...

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