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ASW inženjering applying A.I. in Energy Sector: creating the new era of renewable energy prediction

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9 reasons why green energy production and consumption can benefit from AI and ML

Soon most of green energy will be coupled with AI due to these compiling reasons:

DSC 5.0 speaker Filip Jekić talks about AI Maximus for Business

asw:maximus improves solar energy efficiency

Asw:maximus yields assessments for electricity-generating sites based on meteorological and existing power plant data.

1st Tableau event in Serbia

To capture the real power of data, ASW demonstrated its Machine Learning software asw:maximus and how its integration with Tableau created the most profitable real-time decision support engine available in the region.

International Datathon - 36h for a month-long task

36h for a month-long task

Data Mining

Data mining allows you to make a distinction between the chaotic and meaningful data and in turn lets you make good use of that information to assess likely outcomes and finally accelerate the process of making the right decisions.

Applications for asw:maximus – TMS (Transport Management System)

Maximus uses Tableau for impeccable data visuals

How Maximus saved 5mil € with inventory level optimisation

If the PC is the bicycle for our minds, then ASW Maximus is like a Tesla car

ASW at the Play Media Day 04 presents Machine Learning in Retail

The ASW Machine Learning Architect Danijel Subotić, also an assistant at the University of Mathematics in Belgrade, presented the topic of machine learning in retail business on PlayMediaDay 2019 in Banja Luka.

ASW Machine Learning Team and AI "Maximus" - Winner of the Super Card Competition

At the closing event of the "Super Competition", organized by Super Card, Mercator-S and Sberbank, among the 70 competing companies from Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Croatia, Team for Machine Learning and AI "MAXIMUS" from the company ASW won in the final.

How Machine Learning Helps Retail Business

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence area that deals with design of algorithms that learn from experience and are able to make predictions of events through the modeling of legality in data. Raising awareness about the importance of data is a prerequisite for applying modern technologies and tools based on the concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning.