Case Study

Autopilot for Retail

Autopilot for Retail is a massive Maximus product. This product can completely control all aspects of a retail company and suggest the best business decisions. Some of its modules are:

  • Selling module
  • Purchase module
  • Supplies module
  • Financial module
  • Goods traffic module

This modules include sales predictions, simulation of whole market sales, optimization of prices, customer behavior predictions, analysis of loyalty programs, linked purchases, customer churn prevention, checking employees quality, supplies prediction, etc.

Autopilot for retail can go completely ‘autopilot’ and control all aspects of the company

  • detecting possible problems and anomalies in company business before they arrive,
  • immediate alarming if something goes wrong,
  • giving predictions for any aspects of business,
  • simulating all possible decisions and finding the best one,
    or just be a great assistant to the top management in company.

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